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Fadó is a proud member of the Pizza Rice Podcasting Collaborative!

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Come and listen to the latest episode of Fadó! I cover a wide range of stories from a wide range of places.  Check out my whole catalog of episodes, and if you like what you're hearing, then subscribe, like, and share Fadó with your friends! Thanks, and I'll talk to you once upon an next time! Enjoy!

   The Shów

Hi, and welcome to Fadó: An Audio Adventure into Fiction, Folklore, and Fairy Tales. I'm Jon, your host, and thanks for dropping in!


Here on Fadó, you'll hear stories from all over. I've covered some of the oldest stories known to us, as well as modern science-fiction about the far-flung reaches of our solar system. I've read my own work, as well as the work of some of the greatest authors in history. Fairy Tales? Folklore? I've got that for you as well. 

Fadó is a fun, casual, and increasingly eclectic, armchair exploration of stories, and I hope you'll stop by and check it out. If you have half the fun listening as I do reading and talking about these tales, then we'll all have a great time. 

Enjoy, and thank you for listening!


Jon C. Cook

Creator and Host

The Amazing

Pizza Rice Podcasting Collaborative

Who Are We???

Minnesota. Texas. Ohio. New York.

Four sets of podcasters with five different storytelling podcasts united together in one casserole dish, each bringing a unique flavor that complements the others.


You may not have ever hared of pizza rice before, but you can already picture exactly what it is, and deep down, you already know that it is delicious!!!


Check out the collaborators that make up the Pizza Rice Podcasting Collaborative HERE!


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